Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.


-—On imitation and creativity!—-
Recently, I spoke at TEDxGeneva, an event that addressed the question of freedom in the digital age. For more information, go here!

painted portrait of Kirk Reeves

Gwenn Seemel’s Kirk Reeves 2007

-—Portrait painting plus!—-
I tend to paint simple portraits, but I also do portraits that contain elements inspired by something in the subject’s life. In the work pictured here, the subject was a performer so I included his instrument. For more about the subject, go here.

-—Showing with Oregon Art Beat!—-
Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat has been featuring regional art for fifteen years now, and, to celebrate, OPB and its artists are putting on a show. For more information about the exhibition, go here.

Crime Against Nature

Crime Against Nature the digital book

-—A book about what’s natural!—-
My most recent project, Crime Against Nature, is a series of paintings of animals as well as a book which celebrates the true diversity of behaviors surrounding gender roles and sexuality. You can buy a print copy of the book or a PDF of it here, and you can read the complete e-book online here for free.

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