Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

rabbit art

Gwenn Seemel’s Common 2012

-—Painting giveaway—-
To have the possibility of winning this bunny painting, all you have to do is become my patron through Patreon. This service allows you to send me support monthly, and for every dollar pledged you get a lottery ticket entered into the raffle for Common.

-—Uncopyrighting your art—-
You Share Good is a book about why I decided to give up my copyright and why other artists might want to as well. You can read the complete e-book here online or purchase a PDF.

-—The Kirk Reeves mural—-
Kirk was a street performer and a friend. After he passed away, I painted a 10 by 38 foot mural portrait of him in Portland, Oregon. The articles in this section of my blog as well as this video for Oregon Public Broadcasting by Ifanyi Bell show some of the process for the piece.

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