Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

little house

Gwenn Seemel’s Tough 2015

-—Home portraits—-
Houses can be big characters in our lives, and that’s why I now paint portraits of homes! In order to portray a house, I do not necessarily need to photograph the home myself, but I do need to see as many photos of it as possible and hear stories about it too. The pricing for house portraits is the same as for single portraits of people or pets as outlined here.

-—Coloring book—-
Crime Against Nature is now available as a coloring book with over fifty black and white drawings of animals for you to color in as you please. To order a copy, go here!

-—Art talk—-
In 2014, TEDxGeneva invited me to speak on the topic of free culture, and this is the video of the presentation. Last summer, I did a conference in France which builds on the ideas presented in my TED talk and, if you’re looking for more still about uncopyright, this book explains everything in greater detail.

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